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Pros and Cons of the Free Cougar Dating Sites

There’s the free cougar dating sites and then you’re getting the paid cougar dating sites. There’s many pros and cons of using these two different types of dating sites for cougars or cubs, when you’re looking for a cougar to chat to online. It can be hard to decide between the free cougar site and the paid cougar site, especially if you don’t know exactly what the difference between these sites is. Here’s is the pros and cons of the free cougar sites, so that you can decide for yourself if you choose the free cougar site, or the paid cougar site.

Pros and benefits of the free cougar dating site

free cougar dating sitesThe main benefit and pro of the free cougar sites are, that you can search and find a cougar without paying anything. Not many of us are prepared to pay for this type of online dating service. And, by using the free cougar sites, you don’t need to pay for meeting and chatting with hot cougars you like.

Another great benefit of using a free cougar site is that you can see for yourself if this is the type of site that you want to use, when you’re looking to meeting cougars. With the paid cougar sites, you can’t browse through the site without paying a subscription, and when you don’t like what you’re seeing, you can’t ask for your money back.

You can just play around through the free cougar sites, and don’t need to worry about paying subscription services. Not everyone has the money to pay for chatting online especially for young cubs, and for those people think that the free cougar sites are still perfect. Anyhow, online cougars dating free is the way to date a cougar woman and you can have a try.

Cons and disadvantages of the free cougar dating sites

The main con or problem that you might get when using the free cougar site is the fact that you’re going to be limited on what you can do on the site. All the free cougar sites have a subscriptions service as well, and you won’t be able to do what the paid members can do on the site.

With the free cougar sites, where everyone is using the site for free without a subscription option, there’s going to be a limit amount of features that you can use. The paid cougar sites have more features that you can use to find and chat to your favorite cougar. With the free cougar sites, you will also not be able to know if the profile of the person is legit and real. Because the free cougar sites don’t verify all their members to protect you from fakes and liars.

When cougars seeking cubs or cubs dating cougars on the free cougar dating sites, it’s hard to find a real cougar dating site that’s not scams. There are lots of scammers on those free cougar dating sites and even you will find some people who won’t like to seek the older women and younger men relationship.

Before you’re starting to search for a great cougar date, you need to make sure that you’re knowing all the pros and cons of the free cougar sites versus the paid cougar sites. If you’re serious in meeting the best possible match for you, then you should rather go for the paid cougar sites. You will receive more features and will have the best chance of meeting a lot of cougars. But, if you’re just looking to have a great time online, then you should try the free cougar sites, first.

Finally, you should make a wise choice for the right cougar dating website before you try to date a cougar or cub online. Whether the cougar sites you choose are free or not, you should get a strong grasp of those niche community. Trustworthy cougar dating sites reviews are always helpful when you choose one which fits you best.

Recommended Free Cougar Dating Sites:

Benefits of using cougar dating site that works

There’s many cougar dating websites that older women or younger men can use to find a date, but not all of these cougar sites are really working. There’s too many sites that’s not providing the best service and that’s reliable and trustworthy. But, if you’re looking for a cougar site that works, you will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits. Here’s some of the most important benefits of using these cougar sites that’s reliable and trustworthy.

Have different types of cougar site features

When it comes to cougar sites that’s great to use and where younger men can really find the best cougars, has many different types of features that you can use. There’s some of these sites that have features that you will most definitely not find in the other sites that doesn’t really work as great.

You will find features like live video chatting, deep searches to find the best possible match for you and will be able to see the new members easier and without any problems. The great thing about these features that you can find at great cougar dating sites, is making it easier to find cougars that’s matching your preferences and to chat, to many different cougars.

Verifying profiles on cougar website

Another important benefit that you can enjoy when you’re using a cougar site that works and where you really can find a perfect match for you is the fact that they are verifying all the profiles.

There’s many people out there in the world that are lying on profiles. We are getting it everywhere, and it is hard to spot if someone is lying or telling the truth on their profiles. But, if you’re using the great cougar sites that’s trustworthy and legit, you won’t have to wonder if the person’s profile that you like, is really the truth or just lying. This is because the site is verifying every single profile to make sure that they are all legit and real. Making it harder for older women or younger men to tell lies on their profiles.

Lots of cougar or cub singles to choose from

benefits of cougar dating sitesSome cougar sites don’t have many members and you won’t have a large selection to chat to. These sites are mostly the cougar dating sites that doesn’t really work and that mostly isn’t trustworthy and reliable.
However, if you’re making use of the cougar sites that work, you will find that there’s many active members online that you can chat to. The selection is more, and you’ll have the best chance of finding your soulmate or just a great partner to talk to. The more members there are on a cougar dating site, the more successfully the site will be.

It is really important to make sure that you’re using the cougar dating sites that’s working the best. There’s much more benefits in these working cougar websites, than the sites that you can’t trust. Making sure that you’re always using the cougar site that’s working for most mature women and younger guys, with the most positive reviews. Then, you will know that you will also enjoy lots of these benefits.

How to Find Best Sites to Meet Cougar Women

There’s so many sites online where you can meet cougars. However, there’s just a couple of these sites that are trustworthy and legit where you will have the best chances in meeting cougars. It is important to be able to know how to find the best sites to be able to meet cougars. And, you need to know how to spot the sites that you should rather stay away from. Here is how you can find the best sites to meet a cougar.

The amount of members on the cougar site

meet a hot cougarThe first thing that you should look for when you’re looking to find the best site to meet cougars is the amount of members that are active on the site.

You will notice that there’s the best cougar sites that have many active members, and then the not so great cougar sites, that don’t have many active members. This is the site that has the most active members that you’re looking for. There’s a reason why there’s so many members and, normally means that you can know that this is for sure a great and trustworthy site to use to meet cougars.

The membership fees of cougar dating site

You will also notice if you’re searching through a couple of the best cougar sites, that the membership fees are normally not the same. Some are asking higher fees than other. When it comes to the membership fees, you don’t need to choose the cheapest fee.

There’s other aspects that you need to consider as well, when it comes to choosing the cougar site that you’re wanting to use. Using a more expensive site, might mean that you will be able to use a site with more features. It is important to look at the features and decide if you’re going to get value for money, or if the site is just expensive and looking for money. The best cougar site for looking for cougars is normally the site that offers value for money.

Offer free options of cougar website

Normally, most of cougar dating websites offer free membership options also. This makes it great to search around the site and to see if the site that you’re thinking of using, is offering everything that you’re looking for.

The free memberships are normally just for doing a couple of things online, like creating your profile and searching through the other profiles. But, if you want to start chatting, you need to be a paid member. If you’re finding a cougar site where you can’t use a free membership to see if this is the site for you, before you start paying, you need to see the warning signs and start looking for another cougar dating website.

Because of the fact that there’s so many different cougar dating sites online, and that not everyone is known as the best cougar sites, or even trustworthy, you need to make sure that you know how to find the best sites for meeting hot cougars. And, you need to know which sites to rather staying away from.

Top 5 UK cougar dating sites

Finding the top cougar dating site for singles in the UK isn’t as hard as many cougars dating people might think. There’s many different cougar dating sites that everyone in the UK can start using, but not all of them are the best possible sites that’s safe and secure. This is a great idea if you have the top 5 cougar dating sites for the UK, then you can know that you’re using only the best to find local cougars.
best cougar dating sites uk

No.1 Older Women Dating

For the British, is the best possible cougar dating site that you can use. With this site, you will have lots of features that you can enjoy if you’re a paid member. The free members can have access to the profiles, but they will not have access to all the features.

There’s hundreds of profiles of people that’s living in the UK that’s interested in cougar dating. Besides, Older Women Dating supports the cougar dating apps which are available on Google Play and App Store to allow the older women and younger men seeking dating chances on mobile devices.

No.2 Cougar Life

The second best UK cougar dating site that you can use for finding and meeting cougars, is This site is offering great safety features that will ensure that everyone using the site is safe and secure. At the moment, there are more than 100 000 members to choose from. This makes finding the perfect one, so much easier.

You can sign in and create a profile for free, but to be able to use all the features, you need to pay a subscription fee. The fee is reasonable and anyone can afford this small amount.

Fortunately, you can also access the iOS or Android cougar dating app which come from the cougar dating site Cougar Life.

No.3 Cougar Date

The third best cougar dating site for the UK is This site is easy to understand and really user friendly. You will not struggle to be able to use this site at all. There’s many different types of profiles, making it easy to find your soulmate.

Safety is very important for them, and they make sure that no one’s privacy is leaked out.

No.4 Toy Boy

Toy Boy isn’t just one of the top 5 cougars dating sites in the UK, but they are also on the market for more than 10 years. And, during this 10 years, they have lots of members to choose from. There’s some great features that one can use to find the best profiles, but these features are only available for the paid members.

Safety and security isn’t an issue when you’re a member of this site, and will not have any risks of getting your personal information leaked.

No.5 Toyboy Warehouse

The fifth but also a great UK cougar dating site is Toyboy Warehouse. This site is also providing great features, which the paid members can enjoy. If you want to be a free user, you can sign in and create your profile for free. You can also search through the other profiles to find the best possible match for you.

If you’re looking for some cougar relationships, and living in the UK, you might want to know which of all the different cougar dating sites is the best cougar dating sites in the UK. These cougar dating sites, will give you the best chance of finding your soulmate, or just to make sure that you’re having a good time with cougars or cubs.

How to Choose a Right Cougar Dating Site

Choosing the right cougar site can be quite a challenge. The reason for this is because there’s so many different cougar sites on the Internet what you can use. And, so many of them are available, no matter where you’re living. You need to know the best cougar dating sites from the scam sites, before you sign up to any site.

cougar online dating

You don’t want to use a site, where you’re not safe, and your private information not secure. Here’s some things that you need to look at, to know that the cougar site that you’re thinking of using, is really one of the best sites to use.

Free sign up

If you’re looking closely, you will notice that most of the dating sites, especially the cougar dating sites is free to sign up. This lets you browse through the site and has a look at all the profiles without paying money.

This is the first thing that you want to look for. A trustworthy and legit dating site, will offer you a free cougar dating service to make sure that the site that you’re wanting to use is the perfect one for you. You might have a limit to what you can do on the site, and you might not be able to chat to any of the profiles, but you can search through the site, and see if there’s any profiles that you like.

If you don’t have a free sign up option, you might not want to use the site. You can’t pay for something that you haven’t been able to test. And, the same goes for the dating sites. You can’t pay a subscription fee for something, and you don’t know how it looks and if there’s any great profiles that you like. Don’t pay without a chance to browse around, rather look for a site where you can sign up for free.
cougar dating profile

Look for a professional looking site

Have a close look to each and every site. Does the site look professional or did someone just create a site full of errors and spelling mistakes. A great and trustworthy cougar dating site, will look like a professional person has created the site. There’s should not be any mistakes or any other type of error visible on the site.

If you found that there’s some amount of mistakes on the homepage of any site, you need to see the warning signs. This might be a sign that there’s something not right about this site. It’s better to use the sites that’s looking professional, without any spelling mistakes or errors.

Doing research

Doing research before signing in and using a cougar dating site is very important. You need to know all the quality features that each cougar site needs to have. And, you should have a look to see if the site that you want to use, has the features that make a cougar dating site, the best cougar dating site.

One of the features that every cougar dating site should have, is verification. It is important to know that all the profiles on that site are real and legit. That the people who created the profile is really who they said they are. Otherwise, you can easily fall in a trap of lies
You should also research all the site’s premiums for becoming a premium member. You don’t want to use a site that’s asking double the amount than other cougar dating sites. And, if you’re thinking about using an expensive site, it really needs to provide value for money. This site then needs to have a lot more features than the other sites, before you pay these high fees.

Reading reviews

Before you can really decide on what cougar dating site you’re going to use, you need to read the reviews about the site from other users. Finding reviews isn’t hard. You will find all sorts of reviews of cougar dating sites all over the Internet.

With reading reviews, you will have a clear indication on what is great about the site, and what cons does the site have. Many people might say just great things about the site, and then you will know that this is a great site. But, there might also be some people that don’t have any good things to say about a site, and this is normally these sites that you should stay away from.

Take all the reviews that you read about site to heart. They will not write reviews that aren’t true. If there’s any bad comments, there will be a great reason that you should consider before signing up with any site.

dating cougars online

Amount of profiles

Another important thing that you should consider when you’re thinking about signing up with any cougar dating sites, is the amount of profiles that this site has. If this is a new site, it might not have lots of profiles yet, and this is something different.

But, if the cougar dating site is online for quite some time, and there aren’t lots of different profiles, you need to ask yourself why people don’t want to register and sign up with this specific cougar site. Is there something about this site, which they know that you should know about? This is when you’re starting to search for another local cougar dating site in your country. It is really important to find out why people aren’t using that site to create a profile and to find a partner, before you pay any subscription fee for using that site.

Because of the fact that there’s so many different kinds of cougar dating sites, it is important to know the difference between a great, trustworthy site and a site that isn’t legit and real. You should know all the important tips on how to choose the right cougar dating site for you. It may take some time to do research, to read reviews and to see how many profiles each site have, but at the end of the day it will be worth all the time spends. Then, you will know that the site that you’re thinking of using, is the best possible cougar dating site.