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How to Find Best Sites to Meet Cougar Women

There’s so many sites online where you can meet cougars. However, there’s just a couple of these sites that are trustworthy and legit where you will have the best chances in meeting cougars. It is important to be able to know how to find the best sites to be able to meet cougars. And, you need to know how to spot the sites that you should rather stay away from. Here is how you can find the best sites to meet a cougar.

The amount of members on the cougar site

meet a hot cougarThe first thing that you should look for when you’re looking to find the best site to meet cougars is the amount of members that are active on the site.

You will notice that there’s the best cougar sites that have many active members, and then the not so great cougar sites, that don’t have many active members. This is the site that has the most active members that you’re looking for. There’s a reason why there’s so many members and, normally means that you can know that this is for sure a great and trustworthy site to use to meet cougars.

The membership fees of cougar dating site

You will also notice if you’re searching through a couple of the best cougar sites, that the membership fees are normally not the same. Some are asking higher fees than other. When it comes to the membership fees, you don’t need to choose the cheapest fee.

There’s other aspects that you need to consider as well, when it comes to choosing the cougar site that you’re wanting to use. Using a more expensive site, might mean that you will be able to use a site with more features. It is important to look at the features and decide if you’re going to get value for money, or if the site is just expensive and looking for money. The best cougar site for looking for cougars is normally the site that offers value for money.

Offer free options of cougar website

Normally, most of cougar dating websites offer free membership options also. This makes it great to search around the site and to see if the site that you’re thinking of using, is offering everything that you’re looking for.

The free memberships are normally just for doing a couple of things online, like creating your profile and searching through the other profiles. But, if you want to start chatting, you need to be a paid member. If you’re finding a cougar site where you can’t use a free membership to see if this is the site for you, before you start paying, you need to see the warning signs and start looking for another cougar dating website.

Because of the fact that there’s so many different cougar dating sites online, and that not everyone is known as the best cougar sites, or even trustworthy, you need to make sure that you know how to find the best sites for meeting hot cougars. And, you need to know which sites to rather staying away from.

How to date a cougar successfully online?

There’s a huge difference in dating someone your own age online and dating a cougar online. If it’s your first time that you’re going to date a cougar online, you need to make sure that you really know all the tips and tricks to cougar online dating. This is the only way that you can make sure that you’re able to date a cougar on cougar dating site successfully. Here’s some of the most important tips that you need to know about to be able to date a cougar online, successfully.cougar online dating

1. Your nickname
We all know that everyone that’s dating online, has a nickname. And, there’s a good reason for this. But, it’s important to know that you can’t just use any name that is coming to mind. You need to make sure that you’re picking a name that suit your personality best.
You should also be aware that no dirty name will do the trick. There’s no reason why you need to use sexual terms for your nickname. Keep it cleans. Then, you will have a better chance of meeting the one cougar or sugar mama that suited best for you. Don’t let your nickname scare the best cougars away.

2.Posting a picture on your profile

The first thing that you need to be aware of when you’re posting a picture on your profile on any sugar mama sites, is to make sure that you don’t include a picture where you’re posting with a girl.
No women, even a cougar or a sugar mama, will send you any messages online, if they see that you’re taking pictures with other women, and posting it online, for everyone to see. They don’t want to date a man, which is looking like a player among the women. It doesn’t matter if you’re just looking for a fling or a serious relationship. Make sure that your photo is a picture of just you, it should be a new and updated photo of you.
Another thing that you need to remember when it comes to posting a picture on your profile, is that the picture shouldn’t be a photo where you and your friends were partying. No women will date a man that’s posting pictures of themselves that’s drunk and having a good time. You might think that a cougar or a sugar mama would like to date someone that can have a good time, but they don’t want to see that you’re proud of being drunk. There’s might be some cougars that like having a good time, but they don’t want to be embarrassed about their younger man.

3.Your conversation
So many guys are trying to have sexual conversations. Even if you’re talking to the cougar or sugar mama for the first time. This isn’t a great idea. You will never get past the first chat when you’re just talking dirty. Leave your dirty talks with your friends, and make sure that you’re rather talking about your interests and what she wants to hear.
Don’t talk about any sexual topics. Not before she is starting this type of conversation. And, then you should also make sure that you’re not talking dirty and in a way that she can see that you’re not respecting her and her body. This is the one thing that will make that you’ll never meet and date a cougar. It’s important; no dirty and sexual conversations with your cougar or a sugar mama.

4.Make sure that you’re read her profile

Yes, not all men do like reading, but if you’re into online dating, you need to make sure that you’re starting to read. Reading the cougar and sugar mama’s profiles thoroughly is very important. You need to know all about her hobbies, preferences and how she looks, before you’re starting to chat with her.
It will not help if you’re asking her about her eye color, when she stated on her profile that she has a certain eye color. This will show that you’re not really interested in her, and just looking for a great time. Any women want to feel special and know that the man that they are interested in, has read her whole profile. This will show that you’re really interested and wanted to find out everything about her.

5.Don’t ask for her phone number too quickly
There’s a big change that she will not want to talk to you on the phone after the first chat. It can be dangerous for women to just give anyone their telephone number out, without knowing the guy. The same goes for dating cougars and sugar mamas.
In the world that we’re living today, you can’t just think that she will give you her phone number, so don’t embarrass yourself in asking. She might not want to talk to you again, if you’re asking for her number too quickly. Wait until you’re chatting for quite a while, before you carefully ask her if she would mind giving you her personal phone number.

6.Treating her with respect

It is important to treat her with the respect that she deserves. Even, if you’re just chatting online. She doesn’t want to read swear and dirty words in the text. Especially when you’re chatting for the first time.
Every woman should be treated with respect, and if you want to date a cougar or a sugar mama, you should make sure that you know how to treat a women. Otherwise, you’re not going to get anywhere with your cougar online dating. No one wants to go out with someone that’s treating her with absolutely no respect.
Dating a cougar successfully online can be tricky. Especially, if this is the first time that you’re registered on a cougar dating site. It’s important to remember these tips to make sure that you’re not doing something that will scare the women away. You might be just doing this for the fun, but you need to remember that you’re still dealing with a cougar woman. And, you need to treat her with the respect that she deserves.