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Enjoy cougar dating to have sunshine in your life

Cougar dating is most welcomed by those who oppose traditional dating and seek a healthy, tension free, fun loving relationship. Cougar dating chiefly involves a woman and a man like traditional dating but here the difference is that the woman is usually older than the man.

Here it is worth mentioning that men often consider their woman to be a degraded woman who is ready to pay any sum for the sex. Well, that is where most of you go wrong and find it difficult to accept dating or being in a relationship with a hot cougar woman. When it comes to dating a MILF (Mother I’d Like to F*ck), you won’t pay anything and those cougar moms love having a sexual relationship with younger men if you would like to hook up with them.

dating cougar MILFCougars are the women established in their lives and they are not looking forward to find a father for her child or be in a rebound relationship to make her ex-husband jealous and so on. Instead she is tired of all the mess that has happened in her life and wants a relationship mostly with a younger man who will not complicate her life or have expectations of having children or such things. Rather cougar woman wants to date younger partner to fulfill her youthful wishes, spend happier times and feel young all over again.

For impressing a cougar mom you have to be yourself and have the patience. Let her hint you back that she likes you too. Let her persuade you enough. Once you think she has done enough, take the next step. Let her decide for a date and venue and just charm her with your spontaneity, smartness, gestures, sense of humour and cheerful smile. She’ll be totally impressed. No need to be a pseudo-intellectual and boasts about what you have or what you want.

True cougars are women that young men would always want to keep. She’s confident, wise, independent and not at all over possessive or clingy. She pleases and pampers her man as and when needed and wants to be pleased too. Next, if you have been worrying about people telling you that you are dating an oldie, well she’s someone you would love to introduce to your parents, colleagues, cousins and friends. She has a class in everything. The way she speaks, walks, dresses she wears. She’s neither like attention seeking teenagers nor one with a figure like an old woman. She has been working out to be in the shape. So there’s no chance of being embarrassed of dating a woman older than you.

When it comes to bedroom tales, a cougar MILF is going to train you on stuff no woman or hours of porn has ever done. In short, with her you are going to have the time of your life and as a matter of fact, your next girlfriends are going to thank her for making you the ideal man. So cougar dating is very attractive and addicted for young guys.

So better not cheat on her or try to cross your limits. She’s always going to accept what you want to do or where you want to go but she expects you to have the minimum maturity that men of your age group have. She’s surely not expecting you to take her to the college party and throw up there.

If you ever feel that you can’t continue dating her or that it is something not meant for you then do have the courage to walk up to her and explain politely. Seeing other women or avoiding her will make the whole thing absolutely bitter. And a cougar and a young man’s bond is one worth cherishing forever.

Top 5 Cities for UK Cougar Dating

There’s many opportunities for cougar dating in the United Kingdom. If you know where to look, and what places to go to, you will be able to find the cougar of your dreams. There’s no reason why you can’t be able to find a cougar or a cub when you’re living in the United Kingdom.
All that you really want to know is the top cities and the best places in that city to be able to find your cougar or cub faster. The only problem is that if you don’t know where the best places are, you’re going to have some troubles in UK cougar dating. The reason is that not many cougars make it public that they’re looking for a young cub and that they are into cougar dating. Here’s the top 5 cities in the UK where you will have the best chance in finding a cougar.

Cougar Dating UK

Cougar dating in London

Cougar dating in London is popular, but you will struggle to find the best places where cougars and cubs is hanging out. Most people that’s staying in London make use of cougar dating websites to find their cougars. Dating online in London isn’t just easier, it is also more effective. You will find more cougars or cubs online than in clubs and bars.
There’s lots of great cougar dating sites in London that you can use. Some of the most popular websites for London are olderwomendating.com, toyboywarehouse.com and mingle2.com. But, if you’re not into online dating, you can go to places like the Light bar and the Tiger Tiger bar. This is high society bars, where cougars and cubs may hang out.

Cougar dating in Glasgow

Cougar dating in Glasgow is another top city where you will be able to find great places for cougar dating. Cougar dating is something that’s getting more popular by the day, and when you’re living in Glasgow, you don’t need to wonder where you’re going to find a cougar or a cub.
If you’re into online dating, you will find great cougar dating sites, where you can search for cougars or cubs living in or near Glasgow. However, if you don’t like going online to online cougar dating sites, you don’t have to worry. There’s many cougar clubs and bars in this city, where you can find a cougar or a cub. Some of the places are: The pot still and The Butchershop Bar & Grill. There’s some other places as well, you just need to search online for the best cougar dating bars and clubs in Glasgow.

Cougar dating in Liverpool

Cougar dating in Liverpool won’t let you down. There’s lots of cougar dating places where you can go to for meeting cougars and cubs. You can also make use of speed dating to meet as many cougars or cubs as you can in one night. Speed dating is getting quite popular in Liverpool, but you need to know where you can find speed dating services. They might not be found easily, but searching will make it worth your while.

Then you can make use of online cougar dating, by using the best cougar dating sites for Liverpool. There’s many of these sites online, so you won’t have trouble finding the best one. There’s two great clubs where you can go to, if you’re interested in meeting cougars and cubs in a relaxing atmosphere. You can easily find cougars and cubs in Liverpool, you just need to know where to look.

Cougar dating in Manchester

Cougar dating in Manchester can be great. It depends on where you’re going to be able to meet cougars and cubs. There might be some great high society clubs and bars where you can go to, to be able to find cougars. But, the problem is that there’s may be many clubs and bars in Manchester, but not many where cougars and cubs hang out. You need to have a great knowledge about all the clubs and bars to know where you can find cougars.

But, you can always make use of online UK cougar dating sites, where you can find cougars and cubs that’s living in Manchester. On these sites, you will not have a shortage of finding and meeting cougars in Manchester. On all the best cougar dating sites for the United Kingdom, you will find cougars and cubs.

Cougar dating in Birmingham

The last city in for Cougar dating in the UK is, Birmingham. Cougar dating in Birmingham is popular and you will not have a problem in finding cougars and cubs if you’re living in this city. There’s many cougar bars where you can go to, where you will be able to meet all kinds of cougars and cubs.

You just need to know the bars where the cougars hang out. Some of the bars that you can go to, are; BrewDog, The Lord Clifden and Cherry Reds. There’s also other bars and clubs for cougars. Another way that you can find cougars in Birmingham is by making use of the online dating sites. With the online dating sites for Birmingham, you will find as many cougars as what you want to meet. It is just important to make sure that you’re not just using any online cougar dating sites, but the best cougar dating sites for Birmingham.

For those who live in the United Kingdom and who is interested in cougar dating, don’t have to wonder where they will meet cougars and cubs. In these cities, you will find many places where you can meet cougars and cubs. You will also find speed dating services that you can use to meet as many as up to 10 cougars per night, or you can make use of the online cougar dating sites for the UK. More and more people are starting to use the Internet to find their cougars and cubs. It is just easier and more convenient. The only thing that you need to know about cougar dating in the UK, is that you need to make sure that the dating sites that you’re using are legit and trustworthy.


>> UK Cougar Dating Sites Reviews to help cougar and cub singles in United Kingdom to find the best cougar dating sites online. 

5 Ways to Meet & Date a Cougar Woman Offline

You might find that it can be difficult to be able to meet a cougar, when you’re into cougar dating. There’s not many cougars around, and they are not going out to places where you normally will hangout. This is why it’s important to know all the ways to meet and date a cougar offline. You need to know the places where you will find a cougar that you can date. Here’s the most important ways to meet and date a cougar offline.

dating cougars

Going to a park
Older women don’t really go to the places where you and your friends will normally hang out. Some of these older women that’s known as cougars, will search for the quiet places where they can just sit and read without getting disturbed.
The one place that these older women will go to for some peace and quiet, is the park. But, you need to remember that they will not just go to any park. There’s always some parks that’s neater and safer to go to than other parks. This is where you might find your cougar. We all know that men doesn’t like going to the park for a walk or to just sit around and enjoying the peace and quiet, but if you’re dating a cougar, then this is the first place where you should start looking.

Art shows and book launces
Another place where you can find a cougar is at art shows and book launces. Older, rich women likes going to art shows and even go to book launces. They have time on their hands, and they like buying things like art, or books to keep them busy during the day.
Not many guys, especially the younger men, like going to art shows and book launces, but if you’re looking for a place to find a cougar to start dating, then an art show or even a book launce will be the perfect place. You need to remember that older women like going to these places, and if you want to date a cougar, you’re going to come to these events, anyways. So, you can just as well start looking for a cougar here.

Going to a bar
We all know that most people are normally meeting in a bar. And, you will be able to find a cougar or a sugar mama also in a bar. But, you need to be careful of what type of bar you’re going. Because of the fact that cougars and sugar mama’s are mostly rich, they will not go to just any bar.
They will be going to the bars where the rich and famous are going to. And, this is where you should be going to be able to meet your cougar. Going there frequently, playing pool, drinking a drink and watching for a cougar, is one of the best ways to find and meet cougars. Just remember, that no cougar will date someone that’s always drunk. So, don’t go to the bars to get drunk and to think that you’re now going to meet a cougar.
The same goes for going to clubs. You will find many cougars, if you’re going to the right clubs. Don’t go to rave clubs and think that you’re going to find a great cougar there. You need to make sure that you’re going to a club where the rich people hang out. There you will be able to find all kinds of cougars and sugar mamas.

The gym
Because of the fact that cougars like younger men, they normally make sure that their bodies stay in shape. This is why going to gym will also be a great place to find cougars and sugar mamas. The cougars also know that the gym is the one place where they will be able to find a younger man that’s interested in cougar dating.
So, if you’re looking for a great way to find a cougar, then you should maybe go to the gym and start working out. With going to the gym and finding a cougar, you’re going to get a great, fit body at the same time. Making you even more attractive to cougars or sugar mamas. Remember that the older women want to date men that know how to look after themselves and their bodies.

Speed cougar dating
If you have tried everything and you don’t find your cougar. Or, if you don’t like going to the places where you can find and meet all kinds of cougars, then you might start thinking about going on speed dates.
Speed dating is getting popular. Especially, in the bigger cities. Here you’re going to be able to date as many cougars as what you can in one night. Speed dating is a great place to find your cougar, but you need to make sure that you’re going on a speed date for cougars or sugar mamas. You don’t want to end up at a speed dating event for younger people looking for love. Then, you’re going to be really uncomfortable and the evening will end in a disaster.
Searching online and through the local newspapers for a date and place for a speed dating event. They will also normally state on the advertisement what kind of speed dating this will be. If you’re living in a big city, you will be able to find lots of speed dating events for cougars and younger men.
If you don’t know all the different ways and places where you can find a great cougar, then you’re going to struggle to find a potential cougar for you. You need to know the five different places where you can find and meet cougars or sugar mamas. It isn’t hard to be able to find a place where cougars hang out in your town or city. Don’t go to your normal hangout place, and think that you’re going to be able to date a cougar. Following these 5 ways to meet and date cougars offline, will ensure that you will be able to start dating cougars.