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The myths about cougar dating that isn’t true

There’s many myths about cougar dating that aren’t the truth. So many people have the wrong idea when it comes to cougar dating. People are normally judging people that are interested in cougar dating, because they don’t have a clear indication what cougar dating is really about. Here are some of the myths about cougar dating that isn’t true at all.
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With cougar dating, the older women is just preying on the younger man

This is really not the truth. When two people are in a cougar relationship, doesn’t mean that the older women are the one that has approached the younger man. Many of these relationships are where the man was approaching the women. And, it just happens to be an older woman.

It is really unfair to give the older women the blame, just because she is older than him. Sometimes love don’t ask the age of a person. And, if two people are meant for each other, age will not be a factor. When there’s two people dating and the women is older, it doesn’t mean that she is preying on the younger man. It might be just a normal relationship between two people with different ages. There are some people who’re always wanting to make romance different such as interracial relationship between two people with different races.  It is helpful to refresh the life and find something new and interesting.

A cougar dating relationship will not last

Many people are judging a cougar relationship because of the age difference. And, most people are stating that the younger man will cheat on his women. Just, because she is older than him.

There are men that are even cheating on women their own age, so why is it completely different when a man is cheating on an older women. There’s no studies that have proven that men will cheat on a woman if she is really a lot older than him. Maybe it is true love, and the man isn’t even considering cheating her with someone else.

They have nothing in common

This is so not true. There’s many cougars dating relationships that have more things in common than with relationships between two people with the same age. Age has nothing to do with having things in common with. If you and your partner likes traveling, this doesn’t mean that if there were an age difference the one would not like to travel.

Interests don’t really change when you’re getting older, and if you’re dating a cougar, it really doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything in common. In fact, most of these cougars dating relationships have more things in common as people with the same age.

So many people don’t really understand cougar dating, and therefor they are judging the people that are interested in cougar dating. There are many myths about cougar relationships that are really not the truth. These myths are not true. Because there is an age difference between two people, it doesn’t mean that the relationship won’t last or that the man will cheat on the women. This only means that two people with different ages are in love and dating.